Schick Family {South Seas Island Resort}

The Schick family earned bonus points in my book. We had the windiest and coldest day to take their family photos. Between chattering teeth and gusts of wind, we did our best to have lots of fun worth smiling over. … Continue reading

The Sanibel School {Aristocats}

Our kids here on Sanibel are basking in the joy of Spring break this week. However, just prior to break we had the pleasure of watching The Sanibel School’s Jr. Performing Arts kids perform “Aristocats”. The performers were led by … Continue reading

Summer Maternity {Captiva, FL}

Sanibel-Captiva Islands are a magical place to be expecting. The entire community awaits the arrival of each new baby as we are a very close knit island family. And, all of us (me included) who are done having babies await … Continue reading

Nihranz Family {Fort Myers Beach, FL}

Spent a beautiful morning on Fort Myers Beach with the Nihranz family. Detroit fans through and through, one of their must haves was a pic of their family all wearing their Detroit Tigers hats. Thankfully I’m completely disinterested in sports … Continue reading