Miller Family {Sanibel, FL}

Recently had some fun with the Miller family. We spent our time together at “Mimi & Grumpy’s” house and let me tell you – we never stopped moving. The Miller family is one of my favorites, as I’m fortunate to call them friends.

Norah is one lucky girl who actually grew up right here on Sanibel in her parents current home. She and Jason met just prior to hurricane Charley, fell in love, married and had two kids (one of each). Pretty story book perfect, if you ask me. I’m not sure where they get their energy to chase Max and Lola on a daily basis. They are movers and shakers!! Thank you Mimi and Uncle Jefferson for all your circus acts to keep them entertained. You guys are awesome!

Here’s a peek at our time together. Enjoy!

xoxo M



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