Neary Family {South Seas Resort, Captiva, FL}

Recently spent some time with the Neary family as they vacationed here on Captiva Island.  The day started with some fog. Really thick fog. But, when you put fog together with the marina at South Seas Island Resort, fog = magic. Loved the effect the fog gave us in the background. And, the mirror it created on the surface of the super still water. So fun.

We had some fun on the golf course jumping, leaping, talking dance and baseball. I loved too that this family is a pro at the “bear” hug. As our morning went on, the fog cleared enough to reveal an incredibly beautiful blue Gulf of Mexico backdrop. Thankfully we saved the beach for last as the kids wasted no time in splashing and ultimately jumping into the Gulf – clothes and all.

Thank you Neary family for spending part of your vacation with me. You’ve got a wonderful family. The beach misses you! Come back and visit us again soon 🙂

xoxo M



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