Fincher Family {Captiva, FL}

Bay to beach… one of the fun things about Captiva, FL. You can walk from one side to the other in a matter of minutes. The Fincher family was recently visiting and spent some time on Captiva. We were able to take advantage of both the bay and the beach during our time together. It is always amazing to me when extended families are able to coordinate schedules and travel together. Not a skill that my family has ever mastered. The three little ones are sisters and each has a personality all their own. It was a great reminder too of what it means to have a two year-old. It wasn’t all that long ago, but seems like a million years. Whew!

Glad we were able to capture some of your time here. Come back and visit soon!

xoxo M

CaptivaFamilyPhotography1 CaptivaFamilyPhotography3 CaptivaFamilyPhotography4 CaptivaFamilyPhotography5 CaptivaFamilyPhotography6 CaptivaFamilyPhotography7CaptivaFamilyPhotography

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