Scharf Family {Sanibel, FL}

Sometimes Sanibel is like a revolving door. We have families that come to the islands… stay for a while… make friends… hope they’ll stay for a lifetime… then just like “that” – they’re gone in a blink. What’s a bummer is when that family is full of sweetness, joy and light. This family is one of those. Sanibel is a special place for me and I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else. Sanibel is special to them too. With open hearts they have spent many months following their passion and helping animals across our country. So, a natural stop on their journey would be Sanibel. We are a conservation island after all 🙂 We took some time to capture their family before they headed back “home”. We’ll miss you all! Come back and visit – often!

xoxo M

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