Dickel Family {Waldorf Astoria, Edgewater, Naples, FL}

Spent some time with this extended family recently in Naples at the Waldorf Astoria Edgewater Resort. We had a HUGE storm looming over us and threatening lightening, thunder and rain. With a large extended family – looming rain is not good. Lots of individual families, kids and group shots to get through before the rains come. Thankfully with Tiani’s help and expert organizing, we were able to breeze through and get everyone captured and we only experienced a few drops.

With all the mandatory shots done we even had time to capture a few candid moments (my favorites). See if you can figure out why I always save the beach for last on my shoots… Because yes, inevitably it happens every time. 🙂

xoxo M

BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer1 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer2 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer3 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer4 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer6 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer7 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer8 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer9 NaplesFamilyPhotographerBestNaplesFamilyPhotographer12 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer11 BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer10BestNaplesFamilyPhotographer13

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