Edwards + Gutermuth Families {Sanibel, FL}

These were the sweetest bunch of ladies to photograph. It is always fun to see sisters and mom enjoying themselves on vacation. And, I can say this even though they brought their kids along. We had some fun playing at Pointe Santo here on Sanibel with the kids. My favorite part of this shoot and something I will probably always remember is when mom/grandma decided she wanted to jump for the camera. Her girls weren’t interested in jumping so they just watched and let me tell you… she can jump!! One try and she nailed it. Hope you are all enjoying the rest of your summer. Come back and visit!

xoxo M

BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer1 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer3 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer4 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer5 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer6 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer7 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer8 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer9 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer10 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer11 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer12 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer13 BestSanibelFamilyPhotographer14

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