Halverson Family {Sanibel, FL}

This was a fun shoot for me as I got to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen since high school, so it’s been a couple years 🙂 OK, maybe a few years, but who’s counting? I loved getting the chance to meet their sweet girls. You’ve both done an amazing job with them and they are truly wonderful young ladies.

This shoot was on one of our amazingly high humidity and extremely hot days this summer, so we did our best to keep from melting and still have some fun. Thanks for sharing some of your vacation time with me and hopefully it won’t be another “few” years before our paths cross again!

xoxo M

SanibelFamilyPhotographer1 SanibelFamilyPhotographer3 SanibelFamilyPhotographer4 SanibelFamilyPhotographer5 SanibelFamilyPhotographer6 SanibelFamilyPhotographer7 SanibelFamilyPhotographerSanibelFamilyPhotographer8 SanibelFamilyPhotographer9 SanibelFamilyPhotographer10

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