Eusterwiemann Family {Sanibel, FL}

I had the opportunity to spend some time playing with the Eusterwiemann family a few weeks ago. This was one of those moments that having 3 children myself pays off. I have patience… and lots of it. I also know that when a little one isn’t in the mood – that the best way to get them in the mood is to concentrate on big brother 🙂 Sure enough we soon had a little ham on our hands. In fact, it was a little like shooting my own kids. Generally they have next to NO patience with getting their photos taken anymore. Unless of course they’re making ridiculous faces – then they’re all in! It is fun for me to see children come around and shine through with their unique personalities. It was a great time getting to know all of you and be able to capture a glimpse into this moment of your lives. Hopefully you’ll come back and visit us again!

xoxo M

SanibelFamilyPhotographer SanibelFamilyPhotographer2SanibelFamilyPhotographer1SanibelFamilyPhotographer3 SanibelFamilyPhotographer4 SanibelFamilyPhotographer5 SanibelFamilyPhotographer6 SanibelFamilyPhotographer7

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