Radosevich Family {Captiva Island, FL}

Perfect day on Captiva for this family shoot. Beautiful sunshine and gorgeous caribbean blue water. The backdrop doesn’t get any more perfect. Captiva is a magical place to take photos with the large pines that line the beach in many areas. They provide shade on hot summer days and a nice soft green contrast to the blue water and sandy beach. I had a lot of help coaxing smiles from the family crew. I love a family that just wants to have fun and this is one of them. They came prepared for their shoot with mustaches for everyone. They get my vote for best facial hair during a family shoot! Hope you all come back to visit. I had a blast spending some time with you. Enjoy!

xoxo M

FamilyPhotographerCaptivaCaptivaFamilyPhotographer5CaptivaFamilyPhotographer7CaptivaFamilyPhotographer3CaptivaFamilyPhotographer2CaptivaFamilyPhotographer1CaptivaFamilyPhotographerCaptivaFamilyPhotographer4CaptivaFamilyPhotographer9 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer8

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