Jones Family {Captiva Island, FL}

This was a fun shoot for me as I was able to capture Jaden as he saw the ocean for the first time. Made even more special because his mom and dad were married on the same beach years earlier. I am blessed to get to share in moments like these for my families. I remind my kids often about how blessed they are to live here. I encourage them to look around and take in the breathtaking beauty as we cross the bridge to the island. It’s shoots like these that help remind me too about how magical it is. Especially when you are able to watch a child see the ocean for the first time. Thank you all for sharing this moment with me and allowing me to be a part of it. Come back and visit often 🙂

xoxo M

CaptivaFamilyPhotographer CaptivaFamilyPhotographer1 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer2 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer3 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer4 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer5 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer6 CaptivaFamilyPhotographer7

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