Verner Family {Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel, FL}

Recently spent some time dodging a major thunderstorm with this very sweet family. We were literally crossing fingers and toes that it would stay off island just long enough for us to finish our shoot. The clouds were ominous and a few raindrops fell, but thankfully no lightning until we were all done. Crossing our fingers and toes and a few prayers helped! We took a few shots at the Sanibel Marina then snuck over to Lighthouse beach for the rest. Thank you Verner family for spending a bit of your vacation with me. Hope to see you all again 🙂

xoxo M

SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographer SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographer1 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographer2 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographer4 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographer5SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographer3

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