Rhodes Family {Captiva, FL}

Loved spending some time with the Rhodes family recently on Capitva. Four beautiful daughters, their lovely mom, hubbies and a handful of cousins makes for lots of family fun. The kids were so sweet to each other and happy to help entertain the babies. We had a gorgeous night for their shoot with a spectacular sunset. During the rainy season you never know what you’re going to get, but this evening we were blessed. Hope you all come back to visit again soon! Enjoy 🙂

xoxo M

CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography2  CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography4 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography1CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography5  CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography8 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography9 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography10 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography7CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography6CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography14CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography11 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography12 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography13 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography15 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography17

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