David Family {Sanibel, FL}

This summer on Sanibel has been one of the rainiest in years. We had day after day of rain. And, not your typical summer rains where it lasts for an hour and then it’s gone – we’re talking days of rain. So, this has been one of those summers where I spend A LOT of time checking the radar on my phone. What a handy little app btw. The morning of the David family shoot we were watching the skies, but thankfully the rains didn’t come on this day. We had some crazy clouds, but no rain. The only good thing about overcast days is it makes it a lot easier on the eyes when I won’t let you wear sunglasses 🙂 These girls (and their parents) were so sweet. I have a few things I do typically with each session and they were pros at each one. Relaxed and up for anything – makes it easy to capture a little bit of fun from their vacation. Thank you for sharing a piece of it with me. Be sure to come back and visit!

xoxo M

SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher1 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher2 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher3 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher4 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher5 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher6 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher7 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher8 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher9 SanibelBeachFamilyPhotographapher10

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