Rhodes Family {South Seas Resort, Captiva, FL}

Such a fun shoot with this family at South Seas Resort on Captiva Island. A perfect morning with white puffy clouds and blue skies. These kids have lots of energy and a great spirit! We had lots of fun running around the grass, climbing trees and playing on the beach. I am truly blessed. I love my job. Thanks for sharing some of your vacation and spirit with me, it was a pleasure spending time with you. Hope you all come back and visit again soon!

xoxo M

CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography1 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography2 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography3 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography4 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography5 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography6 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography7 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography8 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography9 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography10 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography11 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography12 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography13 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography14 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography15 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography16 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography17 CaptivaFamilyBeachPhotography18

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