Tamas Family {South Seas Resort, Captiva, FL}

Today begins a week long Lighting Conference at South Seas Resort here on Captiva. I thought it fitting to share tonight the Tamas family from their recent stay at the resort. I LOVED this family. So much personality and spunk in these girls. 🙂 Mom and Dad definitely have their work cut out for them. Had a great time playing, dancing and exploring the beach. The storms held out just long enough for us to get a couple sunset shots before we were chased from the beach. Thanks for sharing some of your vacation time with me! Come back and visit again soon 🙂

xoxo M

South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography1 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography2 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography3 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography4 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography5 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography6 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography7 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography9 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography10 South_Seas_Resort_Captiva_Photography11

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