Brynn • 7 days new

Welcome to the world Brynn! She’s the newest and littlest sibling of four, however she’s definitely in charge. She was not interested in sleeping. She did not want to miss a moment of the action while we took her photos. And, when she was done. She was done. Such a cutie and sweetie pie. Happy as could be, but definitely knows what she does and doesn’t want to do. I’m sure that will serve her well as she negotiates her way with those BIG siblings. Thank you for sharing her with me. So glad to get my baby “fix” 🙂 And, I’m so looking forward to watching her grow.

xoxo M

Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography1 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography2 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography3 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography4 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography5 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography6 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography7 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography8 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography9 Sanibel_Captiva_Newborn_Maternity_Photography10

And, she was done. 🙂


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