McCallion Family {Sanibel, FL}

This is one of my favorite families and I’m lucky enough to call them among my best friends. This is the third year I’ve been able to capture their growth and changes as a family. I think I go into a moment of brief shock every year as we discuss what grade they’re in, etc. Yes, I know kids grow – mine definitely have, but for some odd reason – you stay the age you were when I met you. So, needless to say, I’ve got a LOT of really young friends. 🙂 So thrilled to be able to share in your lives. Not only through photos, but also as friends. Oh, and see if you can spot the photo bomb by one of our other besties!

xoxo M

Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography5 Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography6 Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography4Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography7 Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography11Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography8 Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography10 Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography9Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography12Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography2 Sanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_PhotographySanibel_Captiva_Beach_Family_Photography3

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