Macalka Family {Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel Island, FL}

These 3 are near and dear to my heart. Felicity and I had fun spending some time being silly with them at the beach. Lots of smiles and happiness as we hugged, jumped, climbed, walked and played at Lighthouse Beach. Tiani has been one of my assistants on a few shoots, so it was fun to get her in front of the camera. Even better with her two littles. Thankful for this little island in the sun we live on and all the awesome friends surrounding me everyday. Blessed to have the 3 of you in my life. Enjoy!

xoxo M + F

Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer1 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer2 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer3 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer4 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer5 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer6 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer7 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer8

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