Carr Family {Pointe Santo, Sanibel Island, FL}

Now that the holidays are over and cards are all delivered (except mine of course!) – I thought I would start getting caught up on blog posts. Starting with the Carr family from their time here at Thanksgiving. We had a windy, overcast day on the beach, but the sun did peek through for brief moments. As a photographer – the nice diffused light of the clouds is wonderful. We had a great time playing, jumping on the sand and walking through the big waves. So much fun to have a sweet family filled with joy and laughter. Enjoy!

xoxo M

Pointe_Santo_Sanibel_Family_Photographer Pointe_Santo_Sanibel_Family_Photographer1 Pointe_Santo_Sanibel_Family_Photographer2 Pointe_Santo_Sanibel_Family_Photographer3 Pointe_Santo_Sanibel_Family_Photographer4 Pointe_Santo_Sanibel_Family_Photographer5

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