Walker/Smith Family {Loggerhead Cay, Sanibel, FL}

Yeay! A sunny day during Thanksgiving week 🙂 I am so blessed in what I do. My office is the beach. Yes, granted – I don’t get to predict the weather, but whatever we’re given – you can’t find a better office than the beach. This fab group was escaping the northern cold and spending some quality time for the Thanksgiving holiday together on the beach. I’m guessing a highlight was probably the boat rental they did later this day as they explored the bay around the island. It was great to meet all of you. Thank you for sharing some of your vacation with me! Enjoy.

xoxo M

Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer1 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer2 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer3 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer4 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer5 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer6 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer7 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer8 Sanibel_Loggerhead_Cay_Beach_Photographer9

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