Pugh Family {Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel, FL}

Nothing beats a morning trip to the beach. The Pugh family and I visited Lighthouse beach for our morning shoot during the holidays. We were blessed with low tide that gave us awesome reflections in the water and the low tide also reveals some mossy rocks that are fun (albeit slippery) to climb on. It’s nice to look back on this shoot today as we are now cozied in for some rain and cold weather here today on Sanibel. It’s good to remember that this weather will pass by quickly and we’ll be back to sunshine and warmth shortly. Maybe not true for those of you in the north – but, think of that as an excuse to come see us here soon! Thank you for sharing some of your precious vacation time with me Pugh family. Glad we could capture some of these memories. Enjoy.

xoxo M

Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer3 Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer4 Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer5 Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer6 Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer7Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer2 Sanibel_Beach_Family_Photographer1 

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