Horner Family {Sanibel, FL}

It is always fun to work with a family who is visiting the islands for the first time. I love getting a chance to hear what they choose to experience while they’re here. Where they choose to eat (especially my fave to hear). And, what they love most about our islands. Obviously the beaches are always near the top of the list. We spent some time enjoying the beach near their resort while capturing this moment in time from their trip. Hope the first time will be just the beginning of many visits to come. Enjoy the memories of the sunshine 🙂

xoxo M + F

Sanibel_Siesta_Family_Photographer Sanibel_Siesta_Family_Photographer1 Sanibel_Siesta_Family_Photographer2 Sanibel_Siesta_Family_Photographer3 Sanibel_Siesta_Family_Photographer4

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