Albracht Family {Lighthouse Beach, Sanibel, FL}

Beautiful night for a photo shoot with the Albracht family. The beach was a little busy with the post holiday crowd, but we carved out our space and had some fun. This family includes a sweet set of cousins who were more than happy to help wrangle the twins. I seriously give every parent of a set of twins extra credit. I can’t imagine having more than one to chase at once! I had a great time getting to know your family and loved capturing a little slice of your time here. Enjoy!

xoxo M

Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer_Lighthouse6Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer_Lighthouse1 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer_Lighthouse2 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer_Lighthouse3 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer_Lighthouse4 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer_Lighthouse5

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