Sundial Resort Sanibel {Corpuz/Grzymkowski/Whinery/Thomson Families}

Whew. Lots of families with a big reason to celebrate. They all joined together in a birthday celebration during their recent visit to Sanibel. I was warned by grandpa that his grandson never stopped moving – and, he was right. Lots of moving during this shoot. Lots of moving. Felicity and I enjoyed spending some time chasing these cuties around. You all have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing some of your birthday celebration with us!

xoxo M + F

Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial1 Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial2 Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial3 Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial4 Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial5 Sanibel_Family_Photography_Sundial6

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