Sanibel Family Beach Photography {Gudowicz Family}

Huge amounts of energy in this family. To chase these three little ones around – you’d need it. I love being able to spend time with my MSP families. I love babies and kids. The littlest in this group was the perfect, cuddly baby, age. You just want to squish her – she’s so cute 🙂 We had a gorgeous sunny day. A little windy, but it often is breezy at the beach. We had a great time chasing the kids and playing in the surf. Thanks for sharing some time with me.

xoxo M

Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography1Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography2 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography3 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography6Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography4 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography5

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