Captiva Family Beach Photography {South Seas Resort}

Had a great time with the Whalen family. Especially because they are fellow Badger fans from my home state of Wisconsin. I posted their sneak peek as the Badgers made their way through the NCAA tournament and that evening they scored another win. As a matter of fact, we had to hurry up and finish our shoot so these fans could get back to watch the game. Talk about multi-tasking! Great boys. Awesome parents. Thanks for sneaking in some time with me.

xoxo M

Captiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_Seas7 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_Seas4 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_Seas3 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_Seas2 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_Seas1 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_SeasCaptiva_Family_Beach_Photography_South_Seas6

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