Captiva Family Beach Photographer {South Seas Resort}

In a word… Energy. These boys have LOTS of energy. I tried my best to wear them out, but I’m thinking they had reserves to spare. Had a great time trying to wear them out though. By the end of our session they were very willing participants. Photo bombing each others photos and asking to have their pix taken. Love that! Thank you Dettman family for sharing some time with me!

xoxo M

Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas1 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas2 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas3 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas4 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas5 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas6 Captiva_Family_Beach_Photographer_South_Seas7

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