Captiva Beach Wedding {In the Pink}

We had a couple days in April that didn’t cooperate weather wise. Considering the weather across the country this winter/spring, a couple days is OK to deal with. One of those overcast days was the day of Kåre + Eva’s wedding. We didn’t have to dodge any rain, but it was pretty windy. They ended up having to change plans from the beach to the garden for their ceremony instead. The one positive of this is that a beach wedding at two in the afternoon would’ve been pretty bright under normal circumstances. Instead we had beautiful diffused light from the clouds.

Kåre + Eva have been together for a long time. They have two beautiful children together and decided that it was finally time to make it official. They did just that in front of their closest friends in the garden at In the Pink — a beautiful beach and bay home on Captiva Island. I loved their spirit and joy as they exchanged vows.

By all accounts a perfect day for a pair that is perfectly matched. Congratulations!

xoxo M

Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink1 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink2 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink3 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink8Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink4 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink5 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink6 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink7 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink9 Captiva_Beach_Wedding_In_The_Pink10

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