Sanibel Family Beach Photography {Shorewood Condos}

A beautiful evening for sisters to bring their families together. Not everyone could make this trip, but they had a great collection of siblings, kids, cousins and every combination to make this trip special. These four littles were full of energy and did not sit still for one moment. Loved the spirit and playfulness as we spent our time on the beach at sunset. Thank you for sharing a few moments of your vacation with me!

xoxo M

Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography7Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography6Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography1 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography2 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography4 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography5 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography8 Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photography9

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