Captiva Island Family Photographer {South Seas Resort}

This family will always have a special place in my heart. I received a call from one of their friends who was arranging this shoot for them as a surprise. This trip marks the start of a journey for them that is all too familiar to me. My mom battled cancer for 15 years and unfortunately they are just beginning this battle themselves. The strength in this family is amazing. They had just found out that dad/hubby will be going through this and they jumped on a plane and headed here. You could feel all the love as they joked, laughed and even recreated some childhood memories during our shoot. It was such a treat for me to meet all of you. I wish you only good news and many blessings.

xoxo Milissa

Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas8Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas6Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas1 Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas7 Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas3 Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas2Captiva_Island_Family_Photography_South_Seas5

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