Captiva Island Wedding Photography {Tween Waters Inn}

Perfect wedding for Sammi + Trent at ‘Tween Waters Inn Resort on Captiva Island. The day was gorgeous. Only a slight breeze and for a wedding on the beach, that’s rare. Every detail was planned and carried out exactly as they had hoped. And, it seems everyone at Tween that day was willing to get in on the fun. We had two boat owners in the marina offer up their boats and/or clean them up so that they were perfect for the photos.

We started with a private “first look” for Sammi + Trent. Such a sweet moment as they took each other in and absorbed the excitement of their wedding day.

Just before sunset they exchanged vows in front of close friends and family on the beach. We took the opportunity following their ceremony for some sunset photos prior to their reception in the Sunset Room of the Captiva House.

Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and many blessings.

xoxo Milissa

Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters2 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_WatersCaptiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters7Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters3 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters4 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters5 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters6  Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters8 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters9 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters10 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters13Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters11 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters14Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters12   Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters15 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters16 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters17 Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Tween_Waters18

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