Sanibel Island Family Photographer {Sanctuary Golf Club}

Loved meeting this family. These three boys are such characters. They were more than happy to make some faces for me and share in some general silliness. I’ll be photographing their aunts wedding in the fall, so it was fun to get to know them prior to the big day. Even in these few shorts months I’m sure they’ll change a whole lot. Thank you all for sharing some silliness with me. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

xoxo Milissa

Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club2 Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club3 Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club4 Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club5 Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club6 Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Sanctuary_Golf_Club7

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