Sanibel Island Family Photographer {Sundial Resort}

The landscape of this family is changing rapidly as they prepare to send one daughter off to college this year and another next year. Seems like you blink and they grow up. It was so great to spend some time capturing these moments for them before the next chapter begins. Wishing all of you much success in your futures. Thanks for sharing some time with me.

xoxo Milissa

Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort2 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort3 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort4 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort5 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort6 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort7 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort8 Sanibel_Family_Photographer_Sundial_Resort9

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