Captiva Island Wedding Photography {South Seas Resort}

The stars finally aligned and Amy + Jonathan decided it was time to make it official. They’ve been together for many years and have two beautiful kids together, so when they traveled to the islands this July they threw themselves a wedding. They had the perfect best man and maid of honor at their sides as they exchanged vows on the beach.

Following their ceremony we took advantage of the perfect night for some pix on the beach before they left to celebrate.

Congratulations to all four of you! Very blessed.

xoxo Milissa

Venue: South Seas Island Resort

Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas2 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas3 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas4 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas5 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas6 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas7 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas8 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas11 Best_Captiva_Island_Wedding_Photography_South_Seas12


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