Captiva Island Family Photographer {Grey Heron}

I titled this one “family” photographer and yet this is actually a group of friends that have chosen each other as their extended “family” and travel as a big group of friends. Perfect vacation for them in the beautiful Grey Heron house on Captiva. What an awesome way for this crew to reconnect. Thank you all for sharing a few moments of your vacation with me.

xo Milissa

Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron2 Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron3 Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_HeronBest_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron4 Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron6 Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron9Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron7 Best_Captiva_Island_Family_Photographer_Grey_Heron8

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