Sanibel Island Family Photographer {Sand Piper West II}

Loved getting to know this family. Super sweet kiddos and mom and dad were up for anything. The kids were pretty much soaked by the time we were done and we even had a mermaid sighting 🙂 Lots of fun on the beach. Thank you all for sharing a few moments of your vacation with me.

xo Milissa

Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer2 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer3 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer4 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer5 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer6 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer7

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