Sanibel Island Family Photographer {Bowman’s Beach}

Beautiful evening for this sweet family of three. They were so great and we took full advantage of all the awesome locations at Bowman’s Beach. Only one flaw. They’re Ohio fans and… I’m a Badger. We got past it and I even photographed the OHIO for them. We had to bookend our O’s though since we only had 3 people. So great to spend some time with all of you!

xo Milissa

Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_PhotographerBest_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer2 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer3 Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer5  Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer7Best_Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer6

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