Sanibel Island Wedding Photography {The Farm}

This wedding was 16 years in the making. So highly anticipated that it was dubbed a WeddingPalooza. No ordinary wedding would do for their Best Day Ever! Trasi and Liza were surrounded by so much love as they were finally able to officially exchange vows. They have an amazing ability to make everyone around them happy and share in their joy. Another first for me during this wedding as we lost the brides coming down the aisle when they took the time to hug their guests along the way.

In addition to all their friends and family, they shared their day with their “girls” – their 4 dogs, Kinsale, Jordy, Rayne and Hazel. Four pooches that have a big following in their own right. Each escorted down the aisle as part of the wedding party.

Following a ceremony filled with lots of laughs and many happy tears… the guests were treated to dinner, drinks and dancing outside under the stars. Perfect night and a perfect end to their perfect day.

Thank you both for sharing your joy with the rest of us. Truly – Best Day Ever! Congratulations!!

xoxo Milissa

Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer17Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer  Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer4 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer22Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer8Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer11 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer12 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer13 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer10 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer9 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer3Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer14Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer7 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer6Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer15Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer16Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer21Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer2Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer24Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer19

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