Sanibel Island Family Photographer {Bowman’s Beach}

Love when the gift that’s given is… me! I photographed the twins this year for their senior pix prior to heading off to college. Since they were back for holiday break, Dad decided the perfect Christmas gift would be family pix. So before they headed back to college we gathered them all for some family beach time. Always love capturing Sanibel friends. 🙂

xo Milissa

Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Bowmans_Beach Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Bowmans_Beach3Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Bowmans_Beach1  Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Bowmans_Beach4 Sanibel_Island_Family_Photographer_Bowmans_Beach5

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