Sanibel Island Wedding Photographer {Bowman’s Beach}

Their happily ever after began on a very chilly day for Sanibel in January. We’ve had some interesting weather this January, so we were happy for the sunshine! Other than the chill, the day was perfect.

This first look was one of my favorites. You can see all the love gushing all over the place as they were able to see each other for the first time prior to saying, “I do!” Always a favorite moment of the wedding day.

Following the first look we joined their guests waiting on the beach for the ceremony. They were surrounded by family and friends as they exchanged vows near the surf.

We took advantage of the gorgeous day for some photos on the beach before continuing their festivities for their reception at Cip’s Place.

Congratulations to both of you! Blessed to have been a part of your special day.

xo Milissa + Felicity

Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography11 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography12Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography2Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography3 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography4 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography5 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography6Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography18Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography7 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography8 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography9 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography10Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography14  Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography15 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography16 Sanibel_Island_Beach_Wedding_Photography17

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