Sanibel Island Wedding Photography {Sanibel Moorings}

Beautiful evening for the wedding of this sweet couple at the Sanibel Moorings. There was so much love surrounding Justin + Amber as they shared their vows. The happiness radiated from them and you can see it in their smiles and laughter.

The Sanibel Moorings was the perfect setting with the beautiful gardens and overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I’m fairly certain there weren’t many dry eyes as they exchanged vows. After some beach photos they participated in a Sanibel Moorings tradition by tying a shell to the arch which holds a shell for each couple married at the resort. Something they can come back to visit someday 🙂

I know all who were there feel blessed to have been a part of your special day. Thank you both for sharing it with me. Congratulations!

xo Milissa

Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West2 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West3 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West10Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West4 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West5 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West6 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West7 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West8 Sanibel_Island_Wedding_Photographer_Sanibel_Arms_West9

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