Sanibel Island Wedding Photographer {Sanibel Harbour Marriott}

Loved capturing this wedding for this sweet couple at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott. They planned ahead and held their wedding indoors in the ballroom overlooking the bay. Considering it was the heat of summer in late July, I think they made a great choice 🙂 I’m sure their guests were thanking them too.

I’ve never seen so much laughter and smiles at a wedding. This couple has such an incredible gift for making everyone around them happy. Super relaxed and easy going, their day followed their personalities and made for a great day.

The Sanibel Harbour Marriott is beautiful inside and out for photos, so we took full advantage of all the locations for pix. One of the large ballrooms was the setting for their reception complete with dinner and dancing. We did end the evening by sneaking outside for a spectacular sunset with just the two of them. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Congratulations to you both! May your marriage be filled with a lifetime of love and happiness 🙂

xo Milissa

sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer2 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer21sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer3 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer4sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer6sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer8 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer9 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer10 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer7sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer5sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer11 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer12 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer13 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer15 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer14sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer16 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer17 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer18 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer19 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer20 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer24sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer22sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer26 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer27 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer28 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer25 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer23sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer29 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer31 sanibel_harbour_marriot_wedding_photographer32

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