Sanibel Island Wedding Photographer

Beautiful wedding for an amazing couple on Sanibel. The setting couldn’t have been more gorgeous with a tree that blooms for only two weeks out of the year. This wedding fell during one of those weeks. As the centerpiece for the celebration, it was the perfect complement to the space.

The ceremony was in a private gazebo overlooking the water. Surrounded by family and friends, they exchanged vows with love and laughter.

Following the ceremony we snuck off to the beach for some quick pix with the bridal party and our bride and groom before heading back for their celebration.

When you have a professional sports announcer in the family, you get the best introductions ever! That got the party into full swing and our bride and groom led off the dancing with their first dance.

Amazing night with some awesome people. Thank you for allowing us to capture this special day for you. Congratulations on your marriage.

xo Milissa + Felicity

sanibel_island_wedding_photographer2 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer3 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer4 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer5 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer6 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer7 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer8 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer9 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer10 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer11 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer12 sanibel_island_wedding_photographer23sanibel_island_wedding_photographer26sanibel_island_wedding_photographer29sanibel_island_wedding_photographer13sanibel_island_wedding_photographer14sanibel_island_wedding_photographer15sanibel_island_wedding_photographer16sanibel_island_wedding_photographer18sanibel_island_wedding_photographer19sanibel_island_wedding_photographer20sanibel_island_wedding_photographer21sanibel_island_wedding_photographer22sanibel_island_wedding_photographer24sanibel_island_wedding_photographer17sanibel_island_wedding_photographer25sanibel_island_wedding_photographer28sanibel_island_wedding_photographer27sanibel_island_wedding_photographer31sanibel_island_wedding_photographer36sanibel_island_wedding_photographer32sanibel_island_wedding_photographer33sanibel_island_wedding_photographer34sanibel_island_wedding_photographer35sanibel_island_wedding_photographer37sanibel_island_wedding_photographer38sanibel_island_wedding_photographer39

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