6 thoughts on “Rebecca + Darren • Wedding {Fort Myers Beach, FL}

  1. The tears are flowing as I view these photographs. What a beautiful couple the two of you compliment each other and fit together perfectly.Truly these photos tell the story without any words. God be with you as you start to complete the process of choosing the photos for your wedding album because they are all magnificant pictures.

  2. What wonderful photos! These photographers did an amazing job! And they did a great job getting some amazing pictures of the flower girl, who I know was being difficult! Such a beautiful wedding, and an amazing couple. Congratulations Rebecca and Darren!

  3. I pray the happiness that is in every one of these pictures lasts your entire lives. What a beautiful wedding and joyful couple. You look stunning.
    My parents were married 60 years. Words they lived by: Always say “Yes, Dear” to each other, and give each other 51% of everything.
    Congratulations and God bless you as you enter begin a wonderful life together.

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