Sanibel Family Beach Photographer {Lighthouse Beach}

Gorgeous morning recently with this sweet family of three. The tide was WAY up, which is rare for the morning at Lighthouse Beach. So far up that it was breaking against my favorite fallen tree. Thankfully we were still able to get to it and only got a little wet. Can’t have a shoot at Lighthouse Beach without that tree, oh and I guess the lighthouse too! We had lots of fun playing on the beach and the morning clouds were a beautiful backdrop. Thank you all for sharing some of your vacation with me.

xoxo Milissa

Best_Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer1 Best_Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer2 Best_Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer3 Best_Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer4Best_Sanibel_Family_Beach_Photographer5

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